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Produced by a true grain to glass distillery in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. A single batch gin, Mermaid's Call uses a unique and intricate blend of selected organic botanicals to produce a spirit of exceptional quality.

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Mermaid's Call

Mermaid's Call

Mermaid's Call invokes the heritage and history of West Wales and its coast. Our gin is produced in small batches using the finest Malted barley.

After the infusion, the gin is filtered extremely delicately in order not to lose any of the intense aromas gained from natural infusion.

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St. Elvis Brewery & Distillery

We have had a long term ambition to create a product that would be a true grain to glass experience, producing a gin that was both traditional and unique. So we created the St Elvis Brewery and Distillery.

We don’t compound - we distill from the finest malted grains. St Elvis Brewery and Distillery is set up to manage the complete process from the 'distillery wash' to blending and bottling.

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St. Elvis Brewery & Distillery

“The beautifully designed bottle calls to you to pop the cork and take sniff. Immediately your senses are awoken to the delicious smell of juniper and warm spices. I thoroughly enjoyed this hand crafted gin, served with a sprig of fresh coriander and juniper berries to enhance the natural botanicals.”

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