Our Story

We hand-craft our fine spirits in small batches, using only organic ingredients and look to West Wales culture for our flavours and inspiration. The spirit we produce is delicately infused with fine botanicals that give Mermaids Call its unique flavour.

Discover the Mermaid – seductive, complex and full of character

Gin Product
Gin Product

A Sense of Place

Mermaids Call Gin is distilled here by the West Wales coastline, using the finest malted barley. All our processes, from the production of our alcohol base to blending and bottling are done here by the West Wales coastline.

In developing our flavours, we have captured a sense of place. Consider stepping out into the wild and windy award-winning coastline, with its history of nautical adventurers, pirates and of course mermaids. Consider coming home to the warming welcome of the Mermaid’s call.

The Process

St Elvis Brewery and Distillery is set up to manage the complete process from the “distillery wash” to creating our unique spirit through to blending and bottling.


Our process starts with the production of a traditional “distillery wash” from the finest malted barley available which in turn adds to our spirit’s unique flavour. 

Once cooled this is then passed into the fermentation tanks where a carefully selected strain of yeast is added. The fermentation process runs long to ultimately create further characteristics in the final spirit. 


The first distillation process is designed to extract all the alcohols from the bulk of the fermented “distillery wash”. As this is a large amount of liquid to distil for a relatively low volume of alcohol, we use a large capacity Still for this first distillation or ‘stripping run’ and this produces high quality “Low Wines” at approx. 85-90% abv.  The term ‘Low Wines’ is the name given to the cocktail of alcohols and fusel oils that are extracted during a stripping run. We only use the alcohol from the middle or ‘heart’ of the distillation that is used and this is skilfully removed and collected.


The Low Wines are then stored ready for the next part of the process, which introduces our botanicals. This next distillation will vary, depending on the type of spirit we wish to produce. Separating as we distil the fractions called the Heads, Hearts and Tails, and during this distilation we add our unique blend of botanicals to the ‘Gin Basket’ through which the vapours flow giving our gin its special characteristics and flavour.


Mermaids Gin is then chilled, filtered, hand-bottled, labelled and packed.